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    Featured Listens - Nov. 24, 2010

    Each Wednesday the ListenUp staff searches through tons of new music to find three great examples of Myrtle Beach music to showcase from local artists in our Featured Listens segment. This week's tracks come from a newly-reformed local band, a group of roadhouse rockers and an off-the-wall singer-songwriter. 

    If you'd like to see your band featured here, contact us at or simply upload your song to us here.

    American Parts "New Chemistry"

    Myrtle Beach Music: American Parts "The Enemy of My Enemy IS My Friend"


    Reformed from the pieces of popular local band Attalaya, American Parts features Blake Monroe (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, etc.), Garrett Suggs (Drums, Keyboards, etc.) and Tommy Cassidy (Bass) all doing their part to make a lush indie rock sound on their new EP "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend."

    The four-track effort features a nice slate of well-written tracks that fit together thematically through examining the flaws of what it is to be human with titles like "Put The Bottle Down," "Burning Bridges" and "Fixing The Cracks."

    "New Chemistry" is the most optimistic of the bunch, a song which speaks of diving headfirst into a the chemistry of a fresh relationship and the blind joy that comes with it. It's a simple, yet effective composition highlighted by some nice piano accompaniment throughout. 

    Check out American Parts on Facebook or go here to download the full EP for free.


    Coman Sproles and the Celtic Bluze "Drop Dead Redhead"

    Myrtle Beach Music: Coman Sproles and the Celtic Bluze

    Frontman Coman Sproles, formerly of the 69 Band, leads this group which also consists of local musicians Vern Cygan (drums) and Pat Cassidy (bass). Their music is a mix of classic blues and straight-ahead rock that we tend to think of as Roadhouse Rock.

    "Drop Dead Redhead" is one of the band's original tunes, a catchy ode to the dangers of fast women. It features some great little strung out guitar riffs and and moves along at a steady, rambling pace which makes it a groove you can listen to repeatedly without it getting out.

    According to Cassidy, the band is still working on getting its stuff together online, but if you like what you hear you can catch them live around town at places like Surfside Live, Cooldaddy's Bar & Grill, and Garden City Beach Bar — where they will play a show this evening beginning at 8:30 p.m.


    Bill Wright "If I Only Had a Brain"

    Myrtle Beach Music: Myrtlepalooza featuring Bill Wright

    Local singer-songwriter Bill Wright has been making his brand of music around the area for going on 20 years and this veteran musicianship shows through in everything he does.

    With song titles such as "Greedy Little Piggies," "Cryogenic Man" and "Czechoslovakian Girl" you might be able to guess that the lyrics are a little off-the-wall, but it's here that you can see the inlfuences of acts such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Weezer come into play.

    His unique outlook gives tracks like "If I Only Had a Brain" undeniably catchy and worth listening to, if only to figure out what the hell he was talking about. The song is a kind of downbeat effort which continued to remind us of Radiohead's "Creep" musically that uses the "Wizard of Oz" references to cleverly frame out his introspective lyrics.

    More from Wright: Check out Reverbnation to download this track and a few others, visit Nimrod Fox to check out his signature wit in a quirky little, locally-produced web comic, or check him out live Saturday at Fresh Brewed Coffeehouse.

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