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    Blues band Chasin' Jasons pursuing a path less traveled

    Myrtle Beach Music: Chasin' Jasons is, from left, Marty Gainous, Pat Cassidy, Marion Gainous, Derek Armato and Larry Bullock.For musicians, the term “Chasing Jasons” means tracing issues within a band’s sound setup, however if the five members of Chasin’ Jasons have their way local music fans won’t find any issues at all with sounds coming from the recently-formed Blues band. 

     “[The name] means tracing sound problems within a band, like if you’ve got feedback. That’s what we’ve always called it and nobody ever took the name, so we ran with it,” said Marion Gainous, who performs on guitar, keyboards and vocals for the group.

    “We actually went through about 55 names and even put a poll out for the band online and that’s the one that came back so we stuck with it.”

    Gainous is half of the husband-and-wife team — along with his wife of 12 years Marty — which formed Chasin’ Jasons out of the ashes of a former local group called the Freedom Blues Band.

    The new group includes Freedom Blues Band drummer Larry Bullock (Wahoo Creek Band) as well as two new members in guitarist/vocalist Pat Cassidy (The Strays) and bassist Derek Armato (Tanglespeak). 

    “Freedom Blues was a great thing, but we lost our guitar player when he went to Tennessee and instead of rebuilding it the way it was, we took a moment to see what we wanted to do differently and this is what we came up with,” says Gainous, an N.C. native who transplanted from the Raleigh area about five years ago.

    What the group came up with is slate full of obscure Blues-influenced Rock covers with enough “normal stuff” thrown in to keep the natives from getting restless. 

    Myrtle Beach Music: Fans dance as Pat Cassidy performs with Chasin' Jasons on June 8 at the Old Bull & Bush Pub near the Back Gate in Myrtle Beach.

    “The one thing we really wanted to do was to play something different. We do a little bit of normal stuff and put our own spin on it, but it was important for us to go out there and play some music people hadn’t heard as well,” said Gainous.

    Among the tunes Chasin’ Jasons plays that casual fans may not be familiar with are artists such as Samantha Fish, Tommy Castro, The Razorbacks, Gina Sicilia and others. 

    “I grew up in an area of the country where fast Blues and rockin’ Blues was king. This is the kind of stuff I grew up listening to every day and nobody knows around here,” he said. 

    Myrtle Beach Music: Marty Gainous sings and plays keys during Chasin' Jasons performance at Old Bull & Bush Pub on June 8.Though the group is just getting back out there after having played together for the past three months, Gainous says it’s not been uncommon for folks to mistake these lesser-known covers for Chasin’ Jasons originals.

    “The amazing thing is, when we’ve had people preview our show they think it’s our music and when we tell them it’s not they say ‘I don’t care! where can I get the album?’ So hopefully we’ll be feeding business back to some of these people that deserve better recognition,” he said.

    In addition to its cover material, Chasin’ Jasons has already begun working on making its own music and plans to have at least a handful of original tunes ready in the next three or four months.

    “It’s like Rockabilly/Blues Rock with some Jam Band influences thrown in there for a twist. We hope people get it and we think they will,” he said.

    As a veteran of the area’s music scene, Gainous knows what he’s in for by heading down a road less traveled with Chasin’ Jasons, but says he’s confident there is room for this type of act in this town.

    “Are we going to be able to play the resorts? I doubt it. But we’re going to be able to find places to play and we’re going to bring good crowds when we come.”

    Find Chasin’ Jasons on Reverbnation or Facebook or catch them live at Old Bull & Bush Pub on July 20.

     Myrtle Beach Live Blues

    In addition to playing with Chasin’ Jasons and running his own blind company with his wife Marty, Marion Gainous has also started site called Myrtle Beach Live Blues

    According the site its “Purpose is to promote Local Blues Musicians, Blues Bands, and the venues, bars, clubs, and festivals that support them, and let you know where they are playing.”

    The site, which allows users to sign up and interact online is out to prove that “Blues is alive and well in our area, and there are thousands of local fans as well as visiting tourists that seek out places to go and enjoy live blues.”  

    Its goal is to educate people on current and past Blues music, as well as the current local blues musicians.

    Check it out at

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Go guys! Great write-up! Hope to hear the band soon! Tom & Tricia

    June 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTom

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